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What we do?

  • We make our own original projects, as well as copies of old works (with the principles of copyright law). We take every challenge, from traditional to contemporary stained glass. We are working in traditional and Tiffany technique.
  • We create tiffany lamps, stained glass windows using stained glass and semi-precious stones. Building cabinets, furniture, skylights, corporate gifts, souvenirs. Stained glass images highlighted with LED placed on walls or ceilings.
  • Our advantage is precision and workmanship, so our works have lifetime warranty for tightness and durability of color.
  • Straight cuts are always perfectly straight. The wheels are always perfectly round. Welds are equal, smooth and as inconspicuous as possible. Contrary to appearances, this is not as obvious as it might seem.
  • We work with several artists and craftsmen that work in materials such as wood, metal, stone, fabric, ceramics, glass, watercolor, oil and others.
  • When ordering any form of stained-glass you can take participation in it’s creation. We’ll give you an opportunity to create a work designed in any shape, color or texture. We will combine for you elements like stained glass, metalwork, wood or anything else.
  • We carry out renovations of all forms of stained glass made both in the Tiffany technique and traditional.

What we don’t do?

  • We do not consider to be the only and best on the market.
  • We do not import ready-made lamps, stained glass, or materials from China selling them as their own.
  • We do not offer the basics of lead or zinc as bronze.
  • We do not say that we do everything related to art glass.